Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Alan Milburn chairs select committee

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Private schools and hospitals to put charity case: "MPs and peers today demanded more evidence from private schools and hospitals of the tax breaks they get from charitable status and the benefits they offer the community."

"What's this got to do with Alan Milburn?", I hear you cry! He's only chairing the committee, that's what!

  • [Alan] "Milburn asked whether the figure included the gift aid Treasury top-up"

  • [Alan] "Milburn also challenged the schools' claims that their charitable status was justified because they shared their facilities with state schools"

  • [Alan Milburn] "cited the ISC's Good Neighbours report"

  • [Alan] "Milburn asked the Nuffield finance chief what proportion of patients Nuffield treated for free"

I for one am pretty impressed.

Alan Milburn did not attend a private school. (I think. I know Stokesely isn't private, but I'm not sure about John Marlay.) Did any readers go to school with Alan? What was he like?


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