Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Google for Alan Milburn...

...and look what you find.

A quick flick through my stats shows vists from the Conservative Party, the BBC, Parliament and the Welsh Office, so word is obviously getting around. A few people have also arrived here after searching Google.

I wonder if anyone at Alan's office has Googled for his name recently? As always, you can use the comments feature of this site to get in touch - I recieve an email whenever a comment is made.

Updates to this site have been a touch slow recently because, frankly, Alan doesn't seem to do a lot. I recieve a Google News alert most days, but they all contain the words "former Health Secretary" or "the then Health Secretary". I've been checking The Northern Echo fairly regularly, but have found nothing. There was something about Alan in The Advertiser recently, but I was too busy to blog it at the time; he visited a school, or something.

In all, being an MP seems quite a cushy job; how do I apply?


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