Saturday, July 31, 2004

Why blogs are great - more media exposure

BBC NEWS | Politics | Send us your top political sites: "Ex-Labour minister Alan Milburn is also among the select band of MPs to have his own 'stalker' blog, allegedly written by a constituent who believes Mr Milburn is not pulling his weight."

The reason blogs are so great is they provide an opportunity to put forward your point of view, especially if, say, the BBC write something that's not entirely true.

I don't so much believe Alan Milburn isn't "pulling his weight", rather there's no evidence to the contrary, avaialble for a constituent (I am a constituent) to see. If Alan Milburn had his own blog, what he was doing would be available for all his constituents so see.

Just like the Tim Yeo blog mentioned in the article, this blog will be handed over to Mr Milburn should he ask for it. Unlike the person running that blog, I'd even show Mr Milburn (or his staff, though that's not really in the spirit of blogging) how to run it, and help them convert it to a more 'Labour-themed' style.

Mr Milburn?

Thursday, July 29, 2004

A round-up of things I've seen Alan Milburn doing in the newspapers, but have been too busy to blog

Alan has been fairly busy over these last few weeks, whilst I, lazy teacher that I am, have been lazing around doing nothing, not even blogging about Alan! The shame...

Alan spent some time in Darlington's town library, where the librarians showed him how to issue books and the range of computer facilities, all of which have Internet access, where Alan could set up a blog... I'm beginning to think that only one member of Alan's office has access to a computer, and they maintain his website (news page recently updated, by the way). Alan, if you'd like to meet me at the library, I'd be happy to show you how Blogger works, so you can write about what you do, instead of the bully who stops you getting to your computer. It's very easy; even Tom Watson can do it. You'll need to bring your library card and a few pounds to pay, though.

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Falling through the net

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Falling through the net: "What's more, a number of bloggers have taken Ireland's suggestion. Now, MPs Jim Cousins, Sandra Gidley, Boris Johnson, Alan Milburn, Sarah Teather, Nick Raynsford and Lewis Mooney all have blogs dedicated to them and most are not friendly. The moral is: if you don't launch your own blog, someone might do it for you." (Emphasis mine.)

That'd be me then...

Since I've now been mentioned in a national newspaper, maybe I'd better start updating here more often... Next up, a round-up of things I've seen Alan doing in the newspapers, but have been too busy to blog.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Alan Milburn antagonises Gordon Brown

Telegraph | Opinion | If Tony Blair is to stay, he must decide what to do about Brown: "Alan Milburn and Stephen Byers, former Cabinet Ministers, and now self-styled backbench 'outriders' for the Blairite project continue to antagonise the Chancellor."