Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Alan Milburn counters Renewal editorial

Renewal is a quarterly Labour journal to which Labour ministers regularly contribute, and which has several current ministers, and some former ministers, on its editorial advisory board, including Alan Milburn. The latest issue's Editorial marks a new disillusionment with Mr Blair on the part of hitherto sympathetic party intellectuals.

Accoriding to a BBC article: "The journal's managing editor Neal Lawson says the ministers and Labour MPs on the advisory board did not contribute to or have any influence on the article, extracts of which are published in Monday's Guardian." (Guardian article: Former Labour allies round on Blair.)

Mr Milburn said the first he had heard of the article was in Monday's newspaper.

"I totally disagree with it. Tony Blair has not only succeeded in transforming the Labour Party but in transforming the country.

"Those who think otherwise have clearly got short memories."


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