Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A busy day for the (Not) Alan Milburn blog

Yesterday was a very busy day for this blog. Not only did I visit Alan Milburn's in Darlington to meet his constituency team, but the site reveived its highest number of visitors so far, with 77 people visiting for the first time and 20 people returning for a second look.

Thankyou to all the visitors. If any of you are constituents of Alan, a short comment on this post would lend a lot of weight to the argument for him having his own blog.

Update: Having posted this, today has already passed yesterday's visitor numbers (159 new visitors today at the time of writing (5:40pm)) and the whole site has just passed the 1000 visits mark (since I set up the counter on June 15th). I'm astounded.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, indeedy - but in my experience most weblogs only get one comment from every 50-100 visitors. Unless there's one comment to spark things off or a group of people who comment regularly (both tend to encourage further comments).


1:00 pm  
Blogger Andrew Urquhart said...

Over one hundred thousand people to represent, a busy schedule that means you spend much of your time away from the borough and many young people disinterested in politics. What a conundrum! An online blog/journal provides a means to reach voters through their TVs and their computers (whether at home, in the office, in a cafe or the town library) and interact with them. For quite some time being on the move has not been a reasonable excuse for being out of touch. In addition for a couple of years now blogs/journals have provided a way to keep in touch with a great many people all at once wherever you are and whatever you're doing.

Alan Milburn is my elected representative and yet I don't know who Alan Milburn really is. I mean, I've seen his picture in the paper and on TV a few times (although mostly acting in his former front-bench capacity). Like every other MP he seems remote. I don't know what he stands for, what he thinks or why he thinks it, yet this is the person that represents my views in Westminster. Like many people I didn't vote in the last local election - not knowing what my MP actually does day to day and whether or not I agree with it is part of the reason why. I don't know of anyone that has ever visited him in person to express their opinions or even written him a letter, but I know an awful lot of people with computers, Internet connections and their own blogs.

I appreciate that Alan is a busy person (well, I assume he is) and that finding the time to write and reply could be an issue. Then again, though, if he hasn't got time to interact with his constituency maybe I haven't got time for him?

Andrew Urquhart, Northgate South ward, Darlington

1:32 pm  
Blogger Sarah said...

I'd appreciate knowing more about Alan Milburn. He pops up occasionally in the Advertiser and also in the local news but we (his constituents) don't really see what, if any, differene he is making to our town.

There are big changes happening in Darlington - new buildings, schools, communities - how much is Alan involved? Answer - we don't know!

I'm a normal person, living in a normal house, with a normal family and a normal job. I'm quite boring really. But then its the boring people that Alan should be representing.

Problems in Darlington are the same as problems in most towns - anti social behaviour and crime being top of most people's concerns but more mundane issues too. I'd like to know what, if anything Alan is doing in Westminster to represent my worries and concerns.

Come on Alan - tell us! It's lovely when you get a clap for cutting a ribbon but there must be more to it!

2:09 pm  
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