Friday, August 06, 2004

A day in Darlington

As I understand it, Alan usually spends Monday to Wednesday in London, then Thursday and Friday, and occasionally Saturday, in Darlington, before spending the weekends with his family. Alan's office sent me an email detailing some of what he did yesterday on a day in his constituency and what he has planned for next Thursday. Blogging is as simple as sending an email, once the blog is set up, so sending this email is almost blogging!

Basically yesterday we held an advice surgery for constituents in the big B&Q store at Morton Park - where people had the opportunity to turn up and raised issues.

Then Alan organized a meeting between union officials, management of Cleveland Bridge, Barry Keel, Chief Exec of Darlington Borough Council, and Bill Dixon, Deputy Leader of DBC, to talk about the recent job losses at the factory. It was a very good meeting - the upshot being Alan will write to the FA telling them the dispute between Multiplex and Hollandia has cost 95 jobs and that the Wembley Stadium project is now in serious jeopardy.

We will be meeting again next Thursday to try to take things forward. There were various media outlets interested in what had occurred, and so we did a few interviews, and then saw more people for surgery.

We've got quite a busy diary next Thursday too - we will be going to see Friends of North Lodge Park in the afternoon to talk to them about the work they have been doing trying to clean-up the park, attract Gov grants and Alan will have some tea in Mollie's Famous Tea Tent! The purpose of the visit is to meet the hard-working volunteers and see if the group can be nominated for the Home Office's Taking A Stand Award, aimed at people who are taking on the plague of anti-social behaviour.

Now, if Alan wrote it...


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