Monday, August 02, 2004

ic Newcastle - Web of intrigue as 'blogger' tracks MP

As part of an article about the Jim Cousins weblog, The Journal wrote "A site dedicated to Darlington MP Alan Milburn, run by a 27-year-old teacher in his constituency, has issued calls on him to resign and says: 'That's what this weblog is for: to encourage Alan to either let us know what he's doing, or step down.'"

Hmm, I suppose I did say that, though if you read the whole post it's not nearly as unfriendly as The Journal implies, certainly not if taken in the context of the entire website.

Saying that I've "issued calls on him to resign" is taking things a bit far. For the record, I'm neither pro- or anti-Milburn.

(Aren't blogs great? I have no money at my disposal, but can publish corrections to stories in newspapers that I don't even read! Everyone should have one, especially people in the public eye, like MPs...)


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