Wednesday, September 15, 2004

More from Kath

Kath has added a comment to her first post that I think would have been better as a new post, so I'm copying it here (hyperlink mine):

Big issues in Darlo this week are: travellers in Haughton, the closure of the Victim Support officein Duke Street, possible closure of 4 sub post offices - all of which Alan has been getting closely involved in.

The office has worked very closely with councillors in Haughton and Red Hall to reassure the residents up there that the situation is being dealt with and the travellers have moved on. Alan has also written to the Post Office people objecting to the plans to close 4 sub post offices.

Meanwhile, we're gearing up for a whole of week of conference in Brighton. It's always busy but this year Alan is double-booked on lots of occasions to speak and will have to get just about everywhere! I am organising his diary and promise to do a conference blog to let you know the real story of life as a hard-working MP's assistant!

Alan is here as usual on Friday - lots to do with a visit from a high-profile Cabinet colleague coming along for good measure! He'll probably head to Hartlepool too to help with the by-election.

A new post next time?

I saw a documentary following some young political hopefuls following an MP at their conference, which was a really interesting insight into what goes on there, hopefully Kath will be able to shed more light on it.

There's still an open off of an invite to the blog for Alan, by the way, if he wants it... (Boris Johnson is to start blogging soon, which will probably gain him a lot of publicity, and be an excellent read! Alan blogging here would bring in huge numbers.)


Blogger Kath said...

Quick news from the office - Alan is about to arrive and we're heading to the High Row to do a spot of campainging on the Yes Vote in the forthcoming Referendum on the North-East Assemly.

Alan is joining Secretary of State for Health, Dr John Reid, who is touring the North-East today.

After that, we're heading over to Alderman Leach Primary School to celebrate the school's recent environment awards.

And later on, I'm taking Alan to Hartlepool to meet Iain Wright, the Labour candidate, in the by-election coming up.

All go!

12:28 pm  

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