Friday, October 29, 2004

Alan Milburn counters Tories Europe plans

BBC NEWS | Politics | 'EU plan will weigh down Britain': "Alan Milburn said: 'The Tories' agenda of disengagement and withdrawal would put British jobs, British trade and British prosperity at risk.

'Michael Howard is now so desperate to appeal to the UKIP vote that he has committed the Tories to an agenda of disengagement and isolationism that is completely incompatible with EU membership.'"

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

(NOT) Alan Milburn: MP for Darlington: (NOT) Alan Milburn: MP for Darlington

(NOT) Alan Milburn: MP for Darlington: (NOT) Alan Milburn: MP for Darlington

Getting ready for Alan's weekly constituency day. (Those of you who don't know, Alan travels to London on a Monday and works in Whitehall and at Downing Street, and then heads North, either Thursday night or Friday morning). This week Alan will be launching the Darlington Town Centre Business Plan on Friday which details the future vision of the town and the pediestrainisation proposals. The launch is at Northgate House at lunchtime if anyone's interested. There's a lot of interest in what will happen with the High Row etc.

Quite a lot going on - he's also launching the council's safety campaign which tests electric blankets for pensioners. This is quite important for old people who may be unsure about the safety of their blankets - we're doing that at the Age Concern headquarters, where they always make us very welcome!

We've got lots of meetings and a busy surgery where people can come and tell Alan their problems, etc, plus an interview with the Northern Echo planned and then it's the Mayor's Ball in the evening. This year's theme is 'Spirit of the Caribbean' cos this year's mayor Roddy Francis hails originally from Trinidad. SHould be a good night.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

(NOT) Alan Milburn: MP for Darlington

(NOT) Alan Milburn: MP for Darlington

Phew! Just back from Brighton - what a busy time. I thought it was really conference - I listened to some fascinating speeches from John Prescott (I think the home ownership idea makes such good sense) and Margaret Beckett.

Met some great people - Billy Bragg, Bono, Trevor Philliips, Jon Snow from C4 news - that's the fantastic thing about conference. You can sit and have a coffee next to some of the country's most important people - and they will talk to you.

From a work point if view, it was really busy - loads of media interviews, important meetings, constituency delegates appointments - to organise. There was a good delegation from Darlington - Tom Nutt and his wife Gill, and Lee Vasey, were all flying the flag!

We travelled back on Thursday and Alan was working hard here on Friday. We went up to see the work being done at Morton Palms - that will be a fantastic site when it's finished. Should open in November and potentially will create around 1500 jobs.

I'm busy dishing out Annual Report from Alan - every home in Darlo will get one. Also planning The Darlington Lecture with Trevor Phillips, head of the CR, - this will be at the College of Techonology on November 18th. Will keep you posted with details.

(NOT) Alan Milburn: MP for Darlington

Friday, October 01, 2004

Alan Milburn visits primary school

With all the new coverage of Alan's return to the Cabinet (which I've stopped reporting on, as it was a bit too political and not Darlington-based, but you can always keep up on the latest using Google News), it was nice to see a story in this week's Herald & Post about Alan visiting Alderman Leach Primary School to present them with an award for the work they do collecting litter on their school grounds. As a former primary school teacher, I know what a big thrill it is for the children to have someone "famous" visit their school (I once found a 9 year old boy looking for "the President" to get his autograph when Coun Dixon visited the school); this visit by the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster will have made their day.