Wednesday, October 06, 2004

(NOT) Alan Milburn: MP for Darlington

(NOT) Alan Milburn: MP for Darlington

Phew! Just back from Brighton - what a busy time. I thought it was really conference - I listened to some fascinating speeches from John Prescott (I think the home ownership idea makes such good sense) and Margaret Beckett.

Met some great people - Billy Bragg, Bono, Trevor Philliips, Jon Snow from C4 news - that's the fantastic thing about conference. You can sit and have a coffee next to some of the country's most important people - and they will talk to you.

From a work point if view, it was really busy - loads of media interviews, important meetings, constituency delegates appointments - to organise. There was a good delegation from Darlington - Tom Nutt and his wife Gill, and Lee Vasey, were all flying the flag!

We travelled back on Thursday and Alan was working hard here on Friday. We went up to see the work being done at Morton Palms - that will be a fantastic site when it's finished. Should open in November and potentially will create around 1500 jobs.

I'm busy dishing out Annual Report from Alan - every home in Darlo will get one. Also planning The Darlington Lecture with Trevor Phillips, head of the CR, - this will be at the College of Techonology on November 18th. Will keep you posted with details.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh this is getting confusing. Reading the post I sometimes wonder whether it is (NOT) Alan Milburn posting or someone who is not Alan Milburn but never is it Alan Milburn.

I'm glad Alan Milburn didn't have a busy time, or not Alan did have a busy time or...

I don't know. What did Alan Milburn get up to at Conference? No offence Kath, it is nice to read about your meeting with Bono (did he take his sunglasses off?) but I read in the media that Alan spent the conference getting up Gordon's nose (and well done for doing so) but why can't we read about that here?

12:58 am  
Blogger Mike said...


I set up this blog without permission or input from Alan or his office, hence the "(Not)" part of the title. Some exposure in the local and national press over the summer led to two meetings with Alan's staff and Alan. Alan liked the idea of the blog, and even the fact it was written by someone independant, but I wanted it to be more official.

Alan's a bit busy to blog right now, though hopefully he'll get to see the benefits and will reconsider. In the meantime, his equally-busy constituency worker, Kath, is posting here. I think she should be congratulated for doing so; she's got the tone exactly right for a blog and this site will hopefully become a down-to-earth alternative to Alan's "diary" on his official site.

Hope this helps.

12:35 pm  
Blogger Ann said...

I agree, this blog is far better than a bland diary. And to be honest you would be stupid (no offence) to think that his staff are going to use it to post tabloid gossip. It would be nice to know what he was doing to try and save civil servants their jobs in the town, but again, that is a big issue that perhaps he won't want to cover on a website?!

8:03 pm  
Blogger Kath said...

I think you've just got to remember that not everything you read in the newspapers is true. Lots of people would like to believe the stories they read around conference, but most of it was hype and inaccuracy.

I thought much of the stuff I read failed to reflect the real conference - largely a product of over-active imaginations. Sorry to disappoint!

3:44 pm  

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