Monday, November 29, 2004

Latest Google News Alert email about Alan Milburn

Roughly every other day I get an email from Google with links to any new news stories mentioning Alan Milburn (latest email quoted below). I generally don't blog these; there's usually very little in them about Darlington as mainly they're from national papers. However, the emails have been getting longer and longer since Alan returned to front-bench politics. He seems to be working awfully hard. But not for us, as Phelpe points out in a comment on an earlier post. Alan's response to the question of just what it is he does was part of his most recent appearance in parliament.

What do readers of this blog (there are one or two) think?

Revealed: how Blair and Milburn are sidelining Gordon Brown - London,England,UK
Alan Milburn, Labour's general election supremo, has launched an unprecedented operation to sideline Gordon Brown and seize control of key powers across ...
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Minister may not be able to tough it out
Scotland on Sunday - Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
... In recent months, Blair has solidified his control on government, with the return of close ally Alan Milburn, after a period when many of his closest colleagues ...
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Sunday Mirror - UK
... time. All of a sudden the decision to put novice Alan Milburn in charge of his re-election campaign doesn't look so clever. Many ...

Brown wants schools to take babies in private nurseries
The Sunday Times - UK
... strategy, which arose partly out of Labour's so-called "big conversation" with voters, has been championed by Tony Blair and Alan Milburn, as well as the ...

Blunkett battles visa scandal
BBC News - London,England,UK
... The Sunday Telegraph points to problems for Gordon Brown and his loosening grip on government as Alan Milburn makes his presence felt as election co-ordinator. ...

Fighting defeat with defiance
Scotland on Sunday - Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
... Not only would the Blairite arch moderniser Alan Milburn be advancing a strategy quite different to that envisaged by the Brownites, but he would also be ...

David Blunkett: Tough love
Independent - London,England,UK
... launch of his book Politics and Progress, after the 2001 election, looked very like a gathering of the Stop Brown campaign, with Alan Milburn, Peter Mandelson ...


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