Sunday, January 30, 2005

BBC/Mail: Alan Milburn and Alistair Campbell "meet four days a week"

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Don't vote Milburn

With this site, I try to be fairly neutral. It was set up as an attempt to get Alan Milburn to communicate better what he does for the people of Darlington, by encouraging him to set up his own blog (or take over this one). Despite a few posts hereby his staff, he's failed to do this. (He has a Blackberryhand-held email device, so he could post from that, it wouldn't take up much of his time).

Don't vote Milburn is a less neutral site...

(The link to here from that site, is slightly wrong; this site is nothing to do with local party workers, other than the posts by Kath.) He's fixed this now.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

An election is looming

"This proxy-blog is 2nd in Yahoo and 3rd in MSN for 'alan milburn', but best we can do in Google is 8th (and that's the Voidstar feed) for 'alan milburn mp' - so this weblog needs some serious Google-juice. This blog needs the most love. Please link to it."

Manic is scheming, ready for the election.

I never understood why I'm so far down the listings for Alan Milburn at Google. I was first/second within day of starting the site. So, give me your linkage!

Work permitting, I'll be blogging more here during the election, but if any other Darlingtonians want logins, drop me an email. The link's over on the right.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Alan Milburn and Gordon Brown

Another link-dump, I'm afraid. I'm "busy, busy, busy" at the moment and Alan's busy manouvering for higher office and not appearing much locally, as far as I can tell (though there was a picture of him holding a clipboard in this month's Town Crier).

All stories about the really quite pathetic jockeying for position, I'm afraid.