Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Alan Milburn and Gordon Brown

Another link-dump, I'm afraid. I'm "busy, busy, busy" at the moment and Alan's busy manouvering for higher office and not appearing much locally, as far as I can tell (though there was a picture of him holding a clipboard in this month's Town Crier).

All stories about the really quite pathetic jockeying for position, I'm afraid.


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Blogger's not letting me add a new post at the moment, but I wanted to link to, and quote this:

"Too little has been written about Alan Milburn's testicles. Hang on, that diminutive is libellous. The things he's got in there may not even be testes but testissimos. Testeramas, indeed. They must be the size of small tortoises. I wouldn't mention this at all, naturally, but Mr Milburn - election co-ordinator and front runner for next Labour leader but one - comes into the House for PMQs and lays down on the front bench." - The Sketch: Like a 'Viz' caricature, Milburn opens his legs and shows his class by Simon Carr, in the IndependentI'll post it as a new post when I can.

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Another link that might interest you is

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