Saturday, February 26, 2005

Alan Milburn Blog in the national press. Again.

I'm a serial blogger! Whodathunkit? This article mentions my full name, unfortunately, which is something that, as a teacher, I'd tried to avoid happening and have never mentioned here. Thanks Philippe Naughton.

The reason there have been few post here recently, by the way, is because I'm quite busy and because, other than stuff about being the Chancellor of the Duchy of Somewhere-Else-He-Doesn't-Live or being the new Gordon Brown, there's been very little in the press about Alan Milburn recently. For some reason, my job, which pays considerably less than being a backbench MP, doesn’t give me the opportunity to write well-paying articles for The Times, or act as an over-paid consultant.

The article also says I've only posted here four times this year; I make it five but one was the day before the article was published, so I suppose Philippe can be fogiven for missing that one. That's only 50% of the number of posts on Alan Milburn's official diary this year, but I'm me, and he's him plus 1 and two-half constituency workers, and a parliamentary researcher (and however many extra people he now has as Duke Whatever), but if you ignore the press release fluff not related to Darlington, and the PM's press releases about the tsunami, it's about the same number of posts as the official diary.

Mr Naughton misses the point about blogs. I, a teacher from Darlington with a budget of nil, have received mentions in the Times, the Guardian and the Journal, plus on BBCi, through the simple act of blogging a few thoughts and links, with no press releases, interviews or adverts. My communication method also allows two way communication; it’s a conversation.


Blogger Phelpe said...

You have actually done something and set up the weblog. Although we may not always agree in our views that makes you one of the good guys. I'm sure if you were paid as much as Alan Milburn is for his Speech's to bodies who just happen to benefit from new Labours policies you would be able to do more.
£5-10K for speech to PPP forum
£5-10k for speech to sovereign strategy
£5k for speech to Munro and Foster
No wonder he has no time for his constituents!
Thanks for setting this weblog up and keeping it going.

9:54 pm  
Blogger Mike said...

Aww shucks.

I think my post came across as more ranting than I intended, but it was late, I'd been drinking red wine and I'd just seen my name in a major national newspaper, which was quite a shock.

Actually, I need to check this, but it seems like Alan's official diary has been updated much more frequently since I started this blog and met with him and his staff than it used to be, so maybe I've had some effect after all?

9:40 am  

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