Thursday, April 28, 2005

Constituency versus ministry?

There an interesting comment about MPs who work for their constituents versus MPs who are ministers on a post about Brian Sedgemoor's defection at Chicken Yoghurt.

Especially interesting for Darlington and Sedgefield residents.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

More leaflets

We had the leaflets for Veritas (Candidate: David Davies) and UKIP (Candidate: John Hoodless) posted through the door today.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Darlington Election Round-up

Despite stating the opposite, it appears that I am still going to post here occasionally after all. I've been prompted to do so, in part, by recieving an email from the British Library asking permission to archive the site, as a site relevant to the 2005 General Election! If anyone from the BL is reading this, you have my permission; I'll get around to sending the form back soon.

We've recieved a few more election leaflets from the Lib Dems and Conservatives, but still nothing from Labour.

My wife was stopped in the street by the Conservative candidate and asked if he had her vote, when he asked her why not her reply, which was along the lines of her not wanting to vote for a party of bigots left him unable to say anything other than "I can see I won't be able to change your mind".

In the same locality, my wife also saw a lasy dressed all in red, with a big red rosette and a big red flag asking people in the Post Office queue at 10:30 one morning if they would "be voting for Alan". Most people apparently just looked confused (most of the older folk were strugling to use the chip and PIN pension cards, which occasionally leave them in tears, so were probably not sure what she was on about).

I'll blog anything else I see/hear.

Alistair Campbell Blogger Outed by The Times

The Times have outed the Alistair Campbell blogger, and she's even written a piece for them about it.

Well done Anna, join the club.

Monday, April 18, 2005 - Milburn's welcome is tempered by some home truths - Milburn's welcome is tempered by some home truths : "It is six in the evening at the end of a wet and blustery day in Darlington. In the fading light, a pair of black Volkswagen Golfs weave their way through the narrow streets just outside the town centre and come to a halt on an anonymous Victorian terrace."

Breaking election silence for a newspaper mention of Alan Milburn in Darlington!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

(Not) Alan Milburn: Election Special!

Election time is upon us, and I will not be blogging any of it; I have far more important things to do...

[NB. Once parliament was disolved, Alan Milburn ceased to be the MP for Darlington, and the banner at the top of the site has been changed to reflect this. Alan Milburn's official site has been taken down almost completely for the duration of the election!]

Alan seems to be keeping a high-profile low-profile at the moment, appearing on both the Today programme and BBC Breakfast recently, but with Gordon Brown appearing alongside Tony Blair.

Campaign leaflets are starting to appear; I've recieved them from the Lib Dem candidate, Robert Adamson, and the Conservative candidate, Anthony Frieze, but nothing from Labour as yet.

After the election, if Alan is reelected, I've decided not to continue this site; it's original purpose was to try to convince Alan that a blog was the best way for him to engage with the people of Darlington. He either doesn't agree, or doesn't think this is important. If, however, another candidate wins, I will create a blog about/for them, and hope they decide to take it over or start their own.

Anyway, some links, then I'll leave you:

Thursday, April 07, 2005

PM to visit voters' homes

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | PM to visit voters' homes: "Tony Blair's election campaign will include direct communication with voters by email, 'spontaneous' five-minute visits to voters' homes, a personal video diary and national political surgeries in shopping centres, Labour said yesterday.

Alan Milburn, the party's election coordinator, said the aim was to bring the campaign closer to the people by using better ways of communicating than 'traditional press conferences and media scrums'."

No mention of blogging, but the videocasts are just video blogs aren't they?

Of course, these campaign blogs are not as effective as long term blogs and do not give the same advantages.