Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Darlington Election Round-up

Despite stating the opposite, it appears that I am still going to post here occasionally after all. I've been prompted to do so, in part, by recieving an email from the British Library asking permission to archive the site, as a site relevant to the 2005 General Election! If anyone from the BL is reading this, you have my permission; I'll get around to sending the form back soon.

We've recieved a few more election leaflets from the Lib Dems and Conservatives, but still nothing from Labour.

My wife was stopped in the street by the Conservative candidate and asked if he had her vote, when he asked her why not her reply, which was along the lines of her not wanting to vote for a party of bigots left him unable to say anything other than "I can see I won't be able to change your mind".

In the same locality, my wife also saw a lasy dressed all in red, with a big red rosette and a big red flag asking people in the Post Office queue at 10:30 one morning if they would "be voting for Alan". Most people apparently just looked confused (most of the older folk were strugling to use the chip and PIN pension cards, which occasionally leave them in tears, so were probably not sure what she was on about).

I'll blog anything else I see/hear.


Blogger Andrew Urquhart said...

I don't know if ‘Kath’ still posts here from Alan's office, but it would be interesting for her to comment on Alan's performance record in office as the representative for Darlington in Parliament: They Work For You: Alan Milburn: Performance Data (i.e. not exactly stellar).

Hats off though for lightning-fast personalised letter he sent to my frail grandmother asking for her support in the coming election and promising to sort out the youths in her street that had damaged her fence. She happened to mention the issue to a Labour Party supporter that knocked on her door the other day. Hmmn.

5:40 pm  
Blogger Mike said...

From what Alan and Kath said when I met them, Alan does do a lot for individual cases in Darlington (chasing up the police, helping with nuisance neighbour cases, etc), though they're hardly going to tell me they just sit around all day doing nothing, are they?

One of the reasons I thought Alan should start blogging was to show his constituents what he does for them; the everyday things that don't appear on his voting record, and don't make the papers.

I would be interested to hear his reasons for his "not exactly stellar" (crap, I'd call it) voting record.

Having said that, I don't agree with most the things he didn't vote for, so...

1:59 pm  

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