Friday, May 06, 2005

Alan Milburn Blog: the final curtain

As I said earlier, now that Alan Milburn has been re-elected as MP for Darlington, I will no longer be actively writing on this blog; it's original purpose was to try to convince Alan that a blog was the best way for him to engage with the people of Darlington. He either doesn't agree, or doesn't think this is important. To be fair, even with a slightly reduced majority, he's way ahead of the other parties in the polls, so why does he need to bother trying to convince us he's doing a good job for us?

If Alan has a change of heart about blogging he and Kath know where to find me, if they need a hand setting things up.

See ya.

Election results in: Alan Milburn retains Darlington

The results are in, and Alan Milburn has retaken Darlington, albeit with a reduced majority.

He has also announced, again, that he doesn't want a place in the new cabinet, but will instead spend more time with his family, again. Now that the election is over, there obviously isn't a need for a tax-payer-funded election coordinator with a silly title.

Perhaps Alan might also like to spend some more time in Darlington, since he'll be only an hours drive away? Will the new free time also mean he's able to use his website/a blog as a means of communicating the day-to-day life of a constituency MP to the people of Darlington?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Press Association - Elections 2005 - Constituencies in estimated declaration time order

Press Association - Elections 2005: "174 Darlington 00:01"

Darlington will be one of the first constituencies to declare. Use your vote tomorrow.